Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A little late ...

... since Halloween has long since come and gone, but the kids were all decked out and had a wonderful Halloween night. It was beautiful weather, dry and not too cold, so we spent time trick-or-treating our neighborhood and then stayed home to hand out candy. We had a budget-costume year and I spent under $10 all together.
Carissa was a monarch butterfly so I purchased her wings and she wore black leggings, long-sleeve shirt and black w/white dot dress on top. A headband with pipe cleaners and pom-poms formed her antennae.
Tristan was a ninja and wore an outfit that Uncle Jimmy brought back for him from a trip several years ago. I bought him a mask and a $1 glow stick sword.
Chase wore his pig costume from 2 years ago, when he played Wilbur in Charlotte's Web. Easy and unique.
Here they are all dressed up for the big night. :)
Of course, Halloween isn't complete without some pumpkins. Here are their handmade creations this year. Chase made this nice face:
Tristan, being told he couldn't make it into a dragon, opted for a bat pumpkin instead:
Carissa went all girly with hearts galore:
They looked so nice glowing on Halloween night.


Lily said...

i love how the pumpkins really show their personality

Catherine said...

Great costumes and I'm really loving the pumpkins!