Sunday, November 23, 2008

Twilight ...

So the premier was great. Jenn and I went out for an appetizer and to sit and chat then wandered over to the theater about 11pm. We got in line with my friend and co-worker, Melinda, and her group. They saved us from being WAYYYYY in the back of that huge line. The newsstations were all there with their satellite trucks and cameras just taking pictures and talking to fans. Since it was filmed locally a few of the stars were there - two guys who played Quilete Indians (including the person who plans Sam Uley) and the woman who plays the waitress at the diner. I didn't care overmuch about that but it made it a little more fun.

We got hustled into the theater about 11:20 and got settled into some great seats. The theater filled pretty quickly, despite the fact that it was HUGE. They opened a second theater to accomodate all the fans. As soon as the movie started everybody started screaming and clapping. Some of that continued throughout the show. There was quite a bit of ooohing and aaaahing and laughing going on. Any time one of the local stars came on screen (they were watching in our theater) people would yell. Whenever Edward came on with one of his looks people would start screaming. It was quite an experience.

I loved being there with all the fans but will definitely be seeing this again when the furvor dies down a little bit. Sometimes I didn't want the screams and the laughs, sometimes I just wanted to enjoy the movie in peace and get into the story. So I'll be seeing it again.

Now, as for my review ...
The movie is nowhere near as good as the book, but then again they never area. I'm wondering how much someone would be able to follow the movie if they had not read the book.
I thought overall the actors were well chosen. Jacob, who I thought I wouldn't like based on pics I'd seen, was absolutely wonderful. I'm really curious as to how they're going to make him into the big burly Jacob that he becomes. Hmmmm.
What's up with the funny looking Cullens? I know that they have to make them super-white and all but their hair was horribly fake looking. Jasper was absolutely freaky looking. Ugh. Carlisle wasn't good either. Esme and Alice were brilliant and I liked Emmett and Rosalie well enough.

Overall I think the movie was good but could be WAYYYY better if they had a bigger budget.

Another tidbit to add - the entire Port Angeles scene was filmed in the town next to ours. Part of the movie shows the Columbia Theater in the background, our little tiny and old theater that we love to go to. So that was neat.

And good news to end this all off - Summit has announced that they are moving forward on filming New Moon. Hopefully we'll see that one in theaters in the next year or two. WAHOO!!!


Lily said...

thanks for your review. I posted a similar one on my blog (without the cool local interest). I love the guy who played Jacob. He's the kid from Shark boy and Lava girl, one of our family's favorite movies

Jenn said...

I saw the movie again. Way better the second time around. I took my sister who has not read the book. She loved it and was able to follow the movie just fine. I want to see it again. I'm beginning to have the same obession I had with the book.