Thursday, November 26, 2009

Can I just admit that Thanksgiving isn't my favorite holiday? It's sort of the spoiler to my holiday joy... the thing that keeps me from putting up my beloved Christmas goodies as soon as Halloween is over. Plus it's just a lot of work - cooking, cleaning, planning visits to and from family, etc. And to be perfectly honest, I'm not all that fond of turkey.

The only highlight to the day is that we do get to spend it with family. Yesterday was no exception. Brian had to work this year so family came here to visit us. Mom and Jim came in the morning to hang out and so that we could celebrate my Mom's birthday. We even stuck a candle in a little snack cake and sang her Happy Birthday.

Then it was off to the Senior Center, where we served Thanksgiving dinner to the senior citizens and their families. Mom and Jim went with us and helped by dishing up plates, serving coffee and chatting with the seniors. This is actually a Boy Scout sponsered event and Chase was the organizer this year. He worked hard on getting a schedule set up, arranging volunteers, coordinating with the person in charge, etc. This was a project he did for his life rank, which he has almost completed. Tristan also received credit towards his 2nd class rank for serving at the senior center. Carissa went in her foo-foo dress and all the ladies fawned over her... she liked that. :) All in all, we really enjoy working at the Senior Center. It was a long, exhausting few hours but also important and meaningful for us all.

Afterwards I came home to start on our dinner. We made just a turkey breast this year, instead of a whole turkey, as no one eats the dark meat and it would just go to waste. We had potatos and gravy, salads, corn, rolls and olives. Brian's parents arrived while we were at the Senior Center and his dad rode along with Brian for a few hours. Dad and Linda arrived just before dinner and got in a little time on Wii Sports Resort (Dad beat the kids in Archery!) before dinner. Somehow I had forgotten to eat the entire day so by dinner I was famished and ate my fill. Then it was finally time to relax and chat for a while. When everyone left we cleaned up and went to bed early.

It was a long, exhausting but good day filled with wonderful family. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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