Thursday, August 05, 2010

Mommy & Me Weekend at the beach

Carissa and I were invited to spend some girl time at the beach with one of my good friends, Erica, and her daughters Linsday and Allison. Her family owns a little cabin on the Nestucca River just outside of Pacific City. I was only able to carve out 2 1/2 days (this summer is CRAZY!) while the boys were gone to Boy Scout camp and so we called it our Mommy & Me weekend.

The cabin we stayed at was quaint but adorable. It just barely fit us all, but that was fine with us. We ate simple food (including pizza dip the first night... my new fave food!) and just relaxed and enjoyed ourselves.

The first night we went to Pacific City and climbed the giant sand dune to walk along the edge of the cape. It was beautiful and blue skied. It was huge fun, though I haven't yet edited those photos so don't have pics to share. I will admit to taking lots and lots of photographs of strangers, hoping to catch something good for my portrait assignment in photography class.

We came back to the cabin where the girls played Polly Pockets and then watched a movie while I gave them all pedicures.

The next morning we were at the beach again, this time for 6 hours. First off was the tidepools. We saw lots of starfish and anemone's and even saw a few fish and crabs.
We tried to fly kites but it was oddly calm that day and there was no way we were getting them up higher than about 6 or 7 feet. Carissa ran so she could get her seahorse to fly, as we've forgotten to take it for several beach trips and she was DYING to finally get it in the air. Lindsay and Allison got theirs off the ground for a few minutes too.
Then the girls relaxed in the sand, building a sandcastle and attempting to form a bridge across this little stream.
By the time this day was over they were totally wiped out. But we had a great time at the beach with our friends and enjoyed our Mom and daughter time.

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