Saturday, December 04, 2010

Advent 2010

This year I decided to make another advent calendar. What I learned from last years advent calendar craft was that using a plastic background sure doesn't hold up over time. The paper doesn't like to stick to the plastic base, depsite the prep work I did on it. This years calendar is MDF and is made to last! I glued each and every piece solidly and coated it all in modge podge. Here's a peek at our new advent, which the kids are already happily opening every day this month. :)

Oh, and this year I added a little surprise - every few days there will be a tag in the box that gives them a task for the day. These are things like "make Christmas cookies" and "watch a Christmas movie". Today's task was all for me - taking Christmas photos! They weren't too excited by that one but the pics came out great. Look for them on your Christmas card this year. :)

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