Thursday, December 09, 2010

O Christmas Tree...

I love Christmastime and the symbol of Christmas, for me, is the Christmas tree. Every year our family goes out to one of the local Christmas tree farms to pick and cut down a tree. This year we visited a new place right in town that had noble firs for a fabulous price. Many of the trees were huge and the rest were pretty small. We opted on the big size (I always do! LOL) and walked away with this huge tree.

Now, given that Brian is 6'4", I've got to estimate that the tree is about 10' high. But it was big and beautiful and that's all that mattered. Brian and the boys carried the tree to the van, where we tied it on top and brought it home.

When we got it home we realized that it was, as you might have guessed, too big. We have vaulted ceilings so we could have put it in the middle of the room and been fine, but I wanted it in this corner where the ceilings are the lowest. So out came the trusty handsaw. We chopped off several feet at the top, where it was tall and gangly with hardly any branches. And we chopped off the first level of branches at the base of the tree too. We had to take a second cut of the top, as the angel still wouldn't fit on, but we finally got it cut down to just the right size.

We let it dry for a day or two and then the kids got to decorating...

And here's the kiddos with their finished product:
All in all, a pretty fabulous tree and one that will happily grace our front room for the month of December.

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