Monday, February 27, 2006

Disney Day 2 (Otherwise known as "It's Raining, It's Pouring ..."

Woke up this morning to overcast skies and knew that the weather forecast showed showers for today. But we weren't exactly prepared for the torrential downpour that happened.

We went to California Adventure today and the morning was great. Our first ride, Monsters, Inc., was sort of a bust. Not that exciting of a ride but it ended wonderfully. At the end of the ride Roz, the head of the CDA, said "Hey you, 2nd row (that would be the row Brian and I were sharing), is that your husband? I think you should know that he was winking at me. Sorry sir, but you're not my type." Sent all us adults into fits of laughter!

Next we went on Tower of Terror. That ride rocks! It was aweome and we all enjoyed it. Chase loved it so much that he bought the pin and t-shirt for Tower of Terror.

After Tower of Terror, we headed to Grizzly River Run. We rode it twice in a row. BIG mistake going on a water ride when it's morning and not sunny outside. We got SOAKED! Chase was the wettest of us all, though Tristan and I got hit pretty hard too. We all had to change afterwards, which wasn't great as we didn't carry extra clothes into the park with us. Thankfully I had a pair of shorts in our backpack to replace my soaked jeans (though I was soaked all the way through, including my underwear. I wasn't about to go commando so I ended up wearing my dry shorts with a wet butt until thet dried. That was so embarassing). The poor boys ran around the park the rest of the day in nothing but wet pants and their zippered hooded sweatshirts. Within an hour their pants were dry though ... just in time for the real rains to hit... but those will come later.

After drying off we went to Soarin', a wonderful ride that we all loved. A neat feeling to think that you are floting over California in a hanglider. Very fun.

Next we visited Paradise Pier, grabbed lunch at Chips, Dips & Strips and rode on King Triton's Carousel before heading over to the big attraction - California Screamin. Carissa couldn't ride because of her height so she sat out with Grandma (and cried so much about it ... she was so disappointed!). This ride is a huge roller coaster - the old style outdoor coaster on a track. It was wonderful! The kids loved it so they immediately asked to ride again. They grabbed Grandma while Brian sat out with Carissa. Again, the boys loved it and asked to ride it again. This time Mom and I sat out with her while the guys went. They got in the front car and had a blast! The boys wanted to go again (I think they could do this all day if we let them, although going on a rollercoaster multiple times right after lunch isn't that great of an idea to me) but we decided to move on.

The next ride was the huge sunwheel. It's similar to a ferris wheel but the cars all slide up and down on a track while rotating around. Brian and I sat out for that, though what that really meant is that we waited outdoors and got caught in a torrential downpour. But from our (wet) spot on the pier we could hear Brian's mom yelling everytime the car moved.

When they got off the ride we decided to hightail it to the other end of the park to see the Aladdin show at the Hyperion theater. I could have lived without standing in line in the rain for 30 minutes, but I must say that the show was awesome. The closest thing to a real play or musical that I've ever seen. Neat costumes, a familiar storyline, a hilarious genie and wonderful sets. Couldn't ask for more.

After Aladdin we decided to head for another ride on the Tower of Terror, though at this point Tristan decided he didn't want to ride. We convinced him to go on and took another fun ride in the elevators. But in the end Tristan decided he doesn't ever want to go on Tower of Terror again. Carissa loved it though. Go figure.

By now it was nearly 6pm and the park would be closing soon. We hit a few shops on the way out then came back to the hotel to warm up and take some nice hot baths.

We ordered in pizza (which took 1 1/2 hours to get here ... sheesh!) then got the kids to bed. Again, they were asleep within minutes. It was a wonderful (but soggy) day at Disney's California Adventure!


Linda said...

I feel like I am right there with you...wonderful descriptions...and you've got INSTANT journalling when you need it!

Carolyn F said...

So sorry about the rain, but it sounds like you had great fun anyways!

Anonymous said...

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