Monday, February 20, 2006

Only 6 days left until we leave and I've officially hit panic mode. Thankfully we visited Bek and Brandon yesterday and borrowed some suitcases from them, so I can pack now. I have piles of stuff that I plan on taking just filling up my front room.

I think even Brian has hit the panic mode, as he suggested I make a list of things to do. A list. This from the man who has the absolute take-it-as-it-comes attitude toward our vacation!

He even agreed to it was a good idea to pack the kids clothes and label them for each day (which is what I was going to do anyways ... they need to have coordinating clothes for all the photos I'm going to take! LOL). (Bek- He couldn't say it in front of you, of course, but he thought it was a good idea.)

Carissa has an ear infection. ICK! But at least we found out a few days ago and she has been on antibiotics for it. She'll be nearly done with them by the time we leave for Disney.

Brian's mother sprained her ankle yesterday though. Ugh. That means we're going to have to find a wheelchair for her to rent while we are there. Hopefully we can arrange that today.

Beyond that things are moving along. No school today means a little rest and relaxation. I'm going to walk on the treadmill then spend the rest of the day doing schoolwork and packing.


Catherine said...

The excitement's building!!!!

Julie said...

they have wheelchairs at disneyland that you should be able to get. you might want to pack some light rain parkas - it's been a little sprinkly here lately

Carolyn F said...

Call Disney -- they may even help you out a bit -- when my brother went with his child who is in a wheelchair they got to go to the front of most ride lines. Never hurts to ask...

Anonymous said...

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