Thursday, February 02, 2006

My son, the chick magnet

3rd grade and already breaking hearts! Chase came home a few days ago and told me that Tiffany had kissed him on the cheek. I played it smooth and asked him what he thought about that, to which he answered that it "embarassed him" because she kissed him in front of his friends AND she told him she loved him. I honestly thought it would be a one-time incident, but today he came home and said she had done it again. Now Chase just wants to be her friend. He doesn't want to hurt her feelings, but he's not exactly thrilled with her kissing him either. And Mommy's not exactly thrilled that her little 9 year old is already attracting the girls.


Linda said...

*I* had a boyfriend at 9 years old...and he kissed ME on the lips, lol!

You are in serious trouble, girl...your son is so handsome and now he's got girls chasing after him. Guess he'll live up to his name and make the girls CHASE him (okay, bad pun, sorry!)

Anita said...

Oh, they do start young. Watch out for that one! ;)

Anonymous said...

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