Friday, October 20, 2006

Final Ride

Tuesday was Carissa's last riding lesson, at least for now. The choice came about for two reasons -- Carissa wanted to take a break and winter was upon us and her instructor doesn't have a covered arena. So this is her final ride.

I must admit that I was sort of sad about it all, especially after this lesson. It had all just kicked in for her. She had really gotten the rhythm and movements and was posting well on the lunge line. And she had just learned how to gather and ask for the trot on the wall. She was doing these things so well this last lesson and I hate for that progress to be lost.

But I respect Carissa's decision. Maybe one day, when she's a little older and more able to dedicate herself to something, she'll choose to ride again.

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Linda said...

yeah, but at least she TRIED it...Hannah refuses to try ANYTHING...ballet, dance, gymnastics...she said she MIGHT try soccer, but the leagues were all full by the time she made up her mind...I'm going to see if someone teaches art, she's pretty good at that!