Monday, October 30, 2006

This weeks blog challenge: Tell about handed-down talents. What specific talents or hobbies did you learn from your parents, grandparents, etc.

I can think of a few things from childhood that I learned. I remember whistling with cut-grass, how you picked just the right piece and held it just right between your thumbs before carefully blowing into it. And by carefully I mean doing it *without* cutting your lip on the grass! LOL

I remember trying to learn rock skipping from Dad. We used to go innertubing, camping and fishing along nearby rivers during the summer months and my Dad was great at skipping rocks. I remember trying and trying and finally, after a while, I was able to skip rocks a few times over the river.

My Mom taught me to sew and to cross-stitch, as were the style at the time. She used to make me school clothes and I still have a teddy bear that I sewed when I was young. I don't sew much anymore (does sewing on scrapbook pages count?) but I could probably figure it out if I ever wanted to do it again.

We also canned as children. I remember peeling peaches and pears to can. And we made applesauce and canned apricots and other things too and then ate them all year long. I'm sure it seemed like a chore then but now it just seems like a neat little thing that we used to do together.

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Congratulations to your family on the job!