Monday, November 06, 2006

Life has been a cycle of busy days. One after another they come and are filled with phone calls and meetings and activities. We're now in full swing with school and scouts and all the other things that entail. So life is busy. That's not an excuse for not posting, it's just the way it is. I haven't even sat at my scrap desk for 6 days. That's a huge lapse for me.

Yesterday we decided to take some family time and went to see "Santa Claus 3- The Escape Clause". We are huge fans of this series anyways, as I'm a sucker for Christmas movies and watch this several times each holiday season. This movie was another wonderful one, even better than the 2nd in my opinion (though none will be better than the first). We enjoyed all the Christmas scenery and music and happily munched popcorn and Halloween candy together. It was a great break from all the chaos.

There's really nothing new to report. School, Cub Scouts and Campfire (for Carissa) have taken over our life. Chase starts Basketball next month in a very relaxed, learning-oriented league. And, of course, Brian's new job looms over us all.

Conferences were last week and they went well.

Chase currently has all A's except for a B in handwriting. It's his first year getting real letter grades and he's very excited about it. So he's working hard to keep his grades up until the term ends. Doesn't hurt that he gets a mondo reward if he gets straight A's. He's aiming for that!

Tristan is doing well also. In advanced reading and enjoying that. Working hard on his handwriting too, though he's really improved on that a lot. He's making friends and really enjoys learning. He's a little organizationally challenged, as were I and Chase when we were his age, but he and his teacher have developed a "plan" to help with that and he's very dedicated to making it work. I must say that he's impressing me this year - he's so dedicated to doing his best. I love that.

Carissa is in Kindergarten so I don't know why I expect much when I go to her conferences, but I'm always disappointed by the lack of information I receive there. They don't do testing until next month so they don't even know where she's at. All I got was a "she seems to be doing well" and a comment about my daughter being emotional (gee, wonder where she gets that?!?). But *I* know that she's doing well and is reading easy words alone so I'm not worried. And the emotional thing ... she's the baby and has her brothers SOOOO buffaloed into doing what *she* wants and she just can't imagine why all the kids at school don't let her do that! LOL OK, seriously she's not that bad but I guess the teacher had to say something to me and that's what she chose.

OK, that's as much of an update as I have for now. Take care all.

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Catherine said...

Sounds like things are busy and good!