Thursday, November 30, 2006

This one is for Jimmy ...

No, I couldn't get a tree to you in Italy. I would if I could, really I would. But it's just not possible. Now, the kids thought it would be great to send you a branch that we cut off the bottom of our tree, so you'd have your own Charlie Brown tree, but I wasn't sure they'd let plant-life through customs. So here's what you get ... pictures.

We went to Marquart tree farm to get our tree, the same place we've gone every year since we moved to Scappoose. We searched and searched for a nice Noble fir but they were all too puny for our tastes, so we headed to the Grand firs and found this beauty.

We wavered back and forth on this tree because it wasn't quite *perfect*. The "fat little fir" we called it, as it was fatter on one side than the other. But it was nice and full and we came to love the fact that it was not quite perfect.

Brian hauled the tree out with some help from Chase, a little bit of help from Tristan and pretty much no help from Carissa (us girls sure do know how to get out of doing the dirty work!).

We took it home and set it up. Brian and I did the lights, icicle garland and the all-important angel (who has been with us every Christmas since Brian and I were married 12 years ago and who still flaps her wings and moves her arms ... she's my favorite part, can't you tell?!?). The kids added the bulbs and glittery snowflakes.

And this is what we have ... a perfect fat little fir tree spreading holiday cheer. I love Christmas!!!


Catherine said...

It looks like a wonderful tree!

Jim and Virginia said...

Jim is out of town right now, but he just moved to a place where he can occasionally check his email. I told him to check out your post, if he has time. We are hoping to get a tree when he gets back. Our options in Italy aren't what we are used to back home. I just hope we get a prettier tree than we had last year. It was definitely a Charlie Brown tree. We could barely put any of our ornaments on it. Your tree looks beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Jim and Virginia said...

Oh man, I miss getting a fresh Christmas tree. Maybe I should go back to our house on Nye Street and cut down the one I planted when we were kids. It should be about 20' by now. Looks like a fun family tradition.