Monday, November 27, 2006

Today was a glorious day ...

It was *THE DAY* - Brian's swearing in. He has been so on edge the last few days as the reality of ending his job and starting a new one really hit him. But today was nothing short of wonderful. Mom, Dad, my Mom, her husband Jim, my friend Tammy, me and the kids all went to the swearing in ceremony in support of Brian.

It was a short ceremony, just a few short words to swear in Brian and the other new Officer, Sean.

I was called up to pin Brian's badge on his shirt and (thankfully) succeeded in neither sticking him with the pin (no small feat, I assure you as those pins are HUGE and dull and getting them through the shirt was difficult) or dropping the badge (as the other wife did ... oops!).

We stayed for a while and schmoozed , watched Brian sign his swearing in documents and then let him go start his new career.

Words can't even describe how proud of him I am. And how happy and proud he is of himself. We couldn't have done it without the support of all of those in our life. Your encouragement and support have not gone unnoticed. So thank you so much for helping us make this dream happen. We love you.


Catherine said...

What a wonderful day for you and your family!

Fee said...

well i think we found YOUR xmas card photo...just beautiful and all must be SO proud!

Jim and Virginia said...

Congrats Brian!!! You have worked hard for this and Virginia and I are sure you will shine in your new job. There is no greater honor than protecting first-hand those you love. Keep it up.