Sunday, June 24, 2007

Graduation is finally here!

I can't believe that his 16 weeks has finally come to an end. It seemed so long and in many ways it was. There were a lot of things he missed while away. There were a lot of things we missed about him too. But now, 16 weeks later, we're looking forward to having Brian back home.
Graduation was Friday. We went up Thursday night for a family celebration with the other 38 graduates and some of their family members. There was a bit of a delay in starting the festivities, as the class was late getting out. They were participating in the memorial for a Deputy killed in the line of duty.
This wall outside of the Academy was surrounded by flowers and was a somber reminder of the danger inherant in their job. I am always struck by the number of names on both the front and back of this memorial wall. But when I look it all I do is hope never to see Brian's name up on this wall.

Anyways, graduation was Saturday. We all dressed up and showed up early so we could get good seats. We snagged 2nd row seats with a perfect view of the stage. The speakers were a bit long winded and the kids weren't entertained much by that, but we all clapped hard when Brian received his diploma.
We were just all so proud of him. So proud that he finally followed his dream, that he took the leap of faith and pursued what makes him happy. More than anything though, we're glad that Academy is over and that Brian is back home where he belongs.


Catherine said...

That's wonderful! Congratulations!

Jim and Virginia said...
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Carolyn F said...

Way to go Brian! That's a wonderful accomplishment, and I'm sure you are all enjoying him being home!

Jim and Virginia said...


Congrats on your graduation from the Academy. There is nothing more honorable than a man who dedicates his career to protecting his family and others. Be safe bro.

Jim, Virginia, and Randal

Melanie said...

That's so great--both that you'll have Brian home again and that he graduated! Congratulations!