Wednesday, January 16, 2008

High 5's for Tristan!!!

Tristan has been working so hard lately on his spelling. He had found his 3rd grade spelling book way too easy so, with the permission of his teacher, he worked on completing the entire year of spelling (36 units of 15 words each) in just 6 weeks. He completed it last week and today he had his "final" with his teacher. She chose 50 words from his 3rd grade speller and tested him on them. He could miss up to five but he missed only one! Way to go!!!

What this means now is that Tristan is the proud recipient of a 4th grade spelling book. He's going to continue doing it independantly and at his own pace and I'm sure he'll do wonderfully with it.

He is so proud of himself for having successfully challenged the 3rd grade spelling! Way to go Buddy. You rock!!!


Charley Madden said...

Wow, Anette, I can only hope that Garrett is this driven to excel at academics!! Way to go Tristan!!!

Becky said...

Way to go Tristan! High 5's from all the Hamlins!