Monday, January 07, 2008

Wahoo! CK here I come!

Can you see me jumping up and down? It's because I'm over the moon about my latest email. Creating Keepsakes has requested a layout for their May 2008 edition! This is my first time ever being in a regular edition of Creating Keepsakes. I've had some in one of their special editions but I just wasn't quite satisfied with that. Now I feel like I've officially broken the CK barrier - the last major scrapbook goal that I've had for myself.

2007 was actually a great year for me publication wise. I had 9 layouts in 2007 issues, most of which paid me (gotta love that!). I already have 9 layouts requested for 2008 issues, again most of which are paid submissions, so I think it's going to be another great year. For the first time I can actually say that I made more money than I spent in supplies. Not much more, mind you, but more.

You can see my work coming up in 2008 here:
Scrapbooks Etc. - Jan 08
Scrapbook Trends (2 layouts) - Jan 08
Memory Makers "Oh Baby!" Idea Book - May 08
Creating Keepsakes - May 08
Scrapbook Trends (2 layouts) - May 08
Scrapbooks Etc. - May/June 08
Memory Makers - June 08

Anyways, thanks for listening to my little gloat session. :)


Linda said...

FANTASTIC! I keep hoping to see you in CK, and I am SOOOOO excited that you'll be there this time!!! I saw your layout in Scrap Etc, and LOVED it. I showed it to Hannah and told her how Carissa and her are "friends though the internet" and share a special bond, even though they don't know each other, lol. I'll be looking for your next layouts. I would LOVE to get a sub to Scrapbook Trends, but I think they are too expensive. I guess I should get of my butt and start making layouts that might actually get published someday....

Becky said...

Way to go girl! I am so dang proud of you!

Jim and Virginia said...

Congrats. You deserve even more...your layouts are amazing.