Saturday, January 05, 2008

I challenge you ...

I wrote the following for the ScrapAddict blog ( and really loved it. It doesn't only pertain to those who scrapbook either so I'm challenging you, yes you reading this right now, to take the challenge and make your lists. Life is an occasion - celebrate it.
Happy New Years Eve fellow Scrap Addicts! Another year has come and gone and with it a plethora of wonderful memories. The dawn of a new year approaches and with it a plethora of wonderful memories to come.

About this time each year I am dutifully jotting down the obligatory list of resolutions… resolutions to change who I am or what I do, most of which never come to fruition.
This year I have a new list and I challenge you to make it with me. Instead of focusing on life changes that may never happen, focus on the memories you’ve just had and the memories yet to come.

Start off by jotting down a list of your favorite or most meaningful memories of the last year. Think about all that you’ve done and accomplished this year, the changes that have come into your life, the moments that you truly cherish. Write those down in one place as the “highlights” of 2007.

Then make a list of memories you would like to share with your loved ones in the coming year. These can be as vague and simple as “sit down and read my favorite childhood stories to the kids” or ”take the kids out in the woods and enjoy the peacefulness”. Or you could chose to make them very specific, such as “take the kids for a walk along Hug Point and tell them how I used to play here as a child.” And these don’t have to be related to your children. How about “have a long, heartfelt talk with my Dad and get to know about his childhood” or “share a bonfire and a sunset at the beach with the one I love” or “hike to the top of Multnomah Falls.”

There are lots of wonderful, wonderful memories ahead. Take a moment to jot down the ones that you remember best from this year and the ones you hope to make next year.

Have a safe and happy new year!

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Catherine said...

This is a great idea!