Saturday, January 19, 2008


As bad as the timing was for this snow trip, I must admit that I easily forgot about everything and really enjoyed my time up on Mt. Hood with Chase. We went as guests of the local Boy Scout Troop that Chase will be joining once he crosses over to Boy Scouts next month.

This particular lodge was quite a hike in - about 1/2 mile (not too bad right?!?) but with a 600 ft. elevation climb! Not so easy for a girl who doesn't even own a pair of hiking boots! The only thing that saved me was the fact that my sons feet have grown to the same size as mine (seriously, he is growing WAYYYYY too fast). So I borrowed Chase's hiking boots while he wore his snow boots this weekend. Nonetheless, the trek up to the lodge was steep and exhausting. But once we arrived and stored our gear the real fun began.

The big highlight of this trip is the tubing hill.

It had snowed the previous week and since we were the first troop up we were able to break in the tubing trails. This means that they were a little slower in the beginning, a good start for our kids. Unfortunately Chase accidently dropped his tube and had to chase it down the hill so didn't even get the tube the first trip. After a long climb back up the hill he finally got a chance to ride it down.

He was really enjoying the ride down until he hit a big bump and did a somersault in the air. Thankfully he was alright and after a bit of a break he was up and running again.

Chase and his den of Webelos scouts really enjoy working together at things, so when they found a big empty snow field behind the lodge they dug right in, literally. This is the "Den 2 Den" that they made. By the time they were done it was about 3 feet deep and 6 feet across. They even worked on building a tunnel under the snow.

The boys spend the better part of our time at the lodge in the snow field working on their creation. It was great to see them having so much fun and enjoying the snow.

The weather was absolutely perfect for the trip too. Sunny on Friday with no wind and just slightly breezy today, though even that could be forgiven because of the beautiful snow falling from the sky. Last night was an amazing sunset too. I took this photo of a nearby mountain right from the top of the tubing hill.

All in all a great trip and some important one-on-one time with Chase. We both had a great time.

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