Sunday, January 27, 2008

One last project to share ...

I don't know how I forgot to upload these, but I made us all matching shirts to wear to WDW. I gave them to everyone at Christmas and they loved them!
The boys have hoodies to keep them warm during the cold nights and Carissa has a long sleeve tee since she gets cold so easily. Brian and I both have t-shirts. Blue camo Mickey heads for the boys, pink for us girls.
I made these using a blank Mickey head design a lady named Pat on the disboards made. I added the words to say "Walt Disney World, Pixley, 2008".
We can't wait to wear them this evening!!!


Becky said...

Those ROCK! (I'm going to have to hire you as our stylist when we go again! ;-)

Hope you have a blast!

Lesli said...

Those t-shirts are awesome!!! We are going to WDW in October - you have given me a great idea :) THANKS!