Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy

School is out (YEAH!!!) and summer is here... well, maybe it's officially here though the sunshine and great weather have yet to make a regular appearance. I hope they show up soon or we just might miss it!

I know I've been in and out lately and haven't posted much, but it's because I've been busy. First was the end-of-the-year stuff that comes with teaching preschool. We had projects to finish, parties to plan and a pretty great graduation to top it all off.

The other thing that has me busy lately is my photography. I mentioned taking Karen Russell's class and that has been great for me. And I got my new lens (which I *love*) that has also been keeping me occupied (you must play with the new toys, right?!?). I think I also mentioned that I started a photography business earlier this year. Now that the weather is finally getting nicer, things are picking up. Saturday was my very first wedding and it was a blast! I did walk away totally exhausted from the 3-hour shindig, but when I got home I hit my second wind and started editing photos. I spent the next two days sorting and editing some of the hundreds of photos that I took. In the end, I hope I pleased my client and have some nice photos to add to my portfolio. If you're interested in seeing those photos, see my photography blog at http://www.photographybyannette.blogspot.com/

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