Sunday, June 05, 2011

Snapshots of a Good Life: Week 3

We were warned about this early on - week 3 is tough. Really tough. A lot of reading, a lot of really technical stuff and starting to pull together all the pieces of the photography puzzle. It was a tough week, but it was good.

This week was all about aperture. Can I just say that I *love* aperture! The difference it can make in photos is amazing. She's even convinced me into buying a new lens with a lower aperture so I can make the most of my photography sessions. I ordered it last week and it should come on Monday. I'm so excited!!!

Anyways... back to aperture. Our first assignment was to have two willing subjects, set apart by about 1 - 2 feet. Then you play with the aperture, taking shots at all the full aperture settings to see how changing the aperture affects the shutter speed and how it affects the depth of field on your photo. I took several different tries at this, taking pictures of the kids themselves, then them with their pets. Here is my favorite and not-so-favorite photo.

This one is meant to tell a particular story... the story of how Tristan is starting to grow out of the shadow of Chase and how he's becoming his own man. It's for a scrapbook page and I like how having Chase in the background will help me tell the story.

Even though I like this one, it's my not-as-favorite, because Chase is just so blurred and washed out in the background.

The last part of the assignment was to play with depth of field and get a creative shot. This was one of those spur-of-the-moment shots. Carissa was playing at the park and kicked her flip flops off. I saw this one sitting in the grass and when I layed down on the ground to get a photo, I saw the sunshine and the little tiny Carissa (just under the sunshine). It was our first really nice, warm day this year and this photo captured it for me.
Next week is starting with focusing and here's where I really need help... and a new camera. My three measley focus points just aren't cutting it for this class, but it's going to take me a while to save up for a new camera with more focus points.

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