Saturday, June 11, 2011

More pictures...

I'm on a roll now! I've been taking tons of photos lately for my photo class, and even though I haven't used all of them for my lessons, I have liked many of them well enough to edit and save them for use.

Carissa and her headphones. I want to do a scrapbook layout about her love of music and her current playlist of favorite songs. Plus I love how blue her eyes are here.

Oh yes, the teenage years are in full swing. This is often how I will find Chase after school, hanging in bed with his computer in his lap. LOL
Just a pretty one of Carissa that I took when I was playing with my new lens. Did I mention that I love it???
Chase leading the schools opening flag ceremony for the 8th grade awards. He also led it for the Evening of Excellence at his school.

I promise that I've also taken pictures of Tristan, however they are mostly with his Nerf gun, as seen in the previous post, because that's what he does in his spare time. :)

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