Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I apologize for my absence, but I think I needed a break from my blog after my marathon blogging session during vacation.

We are home now and things are somewhat back to normal. Brian returned to work today and the kids have been to school since Tuesday. I'm still drowning under piles of laundry (what else is new!) that I swear I'm going to fold tomorrow. And my house is still recovering from the oodles of stuff we brought home with us.

I've been looking at my Disney photos (all 1000 of them! LOL) and printed a few off today, but I'm *trying* to ban myself from all things scrapbook related until I finish these 2 quizzes that have to be done by 8am. (In other words, I'm going to wing it on the quizzes and go scrap! LOL) I have the awesome new kits from that I've been DYING to break into and I have the urge to scrapbook!

Only 2 more weeks of school and then I get a break. YEAH!!! I am only doing 2 classes next term so my workload should be much easier.


Catherine said...

Don't you HATE it when real life gets in the way of your scrap time??

Carolyn F said...

Finish your quizzes so you can scrap!

Anonymous said...

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