Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I'm all psyched up!

I've never gotten so psyched up about a contest before, but right now I'm really on edge about Hall Of Fame. It's the big contest put on my Creaking Keepsakes magazine. Each year they choose 25 of the best entries and award them each with $500 and the honor of being a member of the Hall of Fame (HOF).

This is my first year entering this specific contest, but last year I entered similar contests for both Memory Makers Magazine and the now-defunct PaperKuts magazine, earning honorable mentions in both contests. I'm hoping for another honorable mention, or better yet being in the HOF.

The calls are supposed to go out this week and I'm jumpy about it. Everytime the phone rings I jump. I know it's probably rudiculous, but I can't help it.

I will say that I met a personal goal by entering this contest. I planned on entering each of the magazine's contests and I have done so (except for the new Scrapbook Answers magazine... I may have to try that one next year). I also have 10 very wonderful layouts that I am pretty pleased with. And I hope that if nothing else Creating Keepsakes will request one or more layouts for their magazine.

But I'd be thrilled if you could please keep your fingers crossed for me that I get a phone call for Creating Keepsakes sometime in the near future. Thanks!!!


Carolyn F said...

Crossing fingers!

Belle said...

I'll cross my fingers for you! That is exciting :)

Linda said...

I'm hoping and praying you get selected. You have some amazing work, and I can't wait to see the layouts you selected, since you showed us some of the ones you "rejected"! I would be SO doggone cool to say that I KNOW someone who is a CK hall of famer!!!!

Anonymous said...

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