Monday, March 06, 2006

Yesterday & Today

Yesterday we were in California. We were basking in the cool winter sun and enjoying the freedom of our vacation. Today we are back in Oregon, basking in the comfort of our couch and wishing we were still in California.

First things first, here is the rundown for yesterday, our final day in California. We slept in a bit and then checked out of the hotel. Wow, did we have a lot of stuff! It didn't seem like we bought that much on vacation, but we sure had a hard time fitting everything in our suitcases, even after we had totally emptied one suitcase that was filled with cereal and snacks on our way there. Somehow we managed to fit it all in suitcases and then managed to fit all those suitcases (12 checked bags and 7 carry-ons in all) in the minivan filled with 7 people. It was a bit of a tight fit!

We headed to Downtown Disney to do some last minute shopping before leaving California. We stopped by World of Disney, a HUGE Disney store. I've been shopping there 5 or 6 times during our trip and I still haven't been able to see everything in the store. It's awesome!

After World of Disney we had to head to the Paradise Pier hotel for our character breakfast with Lilo & Stitch. Unlike our first character meal at Goofy's Kitchen (which was great!) this one was a great disappointment. The food wasn't horrible but it wasn't great either. The service was HORRIBLE and we felt totally ripped off by the price of the meal. The characters didn't take any time at our table, barely signing autographs and snapping a photo before moving in. Since the kids love Lilo & Stitch we thought this would be a wonderful time for them, but it just wasn't so. What a disappointment.

After breakfast we headed back to Downtown Disney in search of the elusive 50th anniversary coats. Brian's Dad really wanted to buy them for the kids but we couldn't find the girl version (apparently they are sold out). He did get the boys the boy version of the jacket and got Carissa a pink Disneyland coat.

We made a quick walk through a store called Libby Lu. I'd never seen this shop and just about went into sugar shock from all the pink, frilly, foo-foo things in it. The dusted Carissa was glitter when she walked in. There were parties of girls getting their hair done. You could make your own shampoos and glittery concotions and such. Not to mention all the glittery shoes, shirts, etc. The guys couldn't handle it all so we headed out of there after a quick walk-through. I can see this store in Carissa's future though, with all those pink and girly things.

I made a quick pitstop at Marcelline's Confectionary for some sweets that I had been eyeing all week in Disneyland. I didn't eat those until later when we were waiting at the airport and then I was wishing I had bought more. They had these divine treats that were marshmallows on a stick, covered in caramel, milk chocolate and cashews. SOOOO yummy! I wasn't sure I'd like them but I LOVED them. *drool*

Our last stop at Downtown Disney was Build-A-Bear. I have never seen a build-a-bear like this one. Two stories tall. Filled with people and, because it is in Downtown Disney, with exclusive Disney outfits for your stuffed friends. Each of the kids spent most of the remainder of their spending money on these. Chase made a wolf with a Buzz Lightyear Costume, Carissa made a soft white kitty with a Cinderella costume and Tristan made a shamrock bear with a karate costume. They are SO cute (and much loved I might add)!

That was the official end of our vacation. We headed to the airport, had some snacks, caught the plane and came home. We went to bed and tried to sleep in today (though the kids weren't exactly helpful with that). And now today we are looking at the overcast gray skies and wishing for just another couple days in Disney.


Carolyn F said...

Sounds heavenly!

Linda said...

I'm so sad it's all over! Thanks for sharing your trip with us!

Anonymous said...

Your are Nice. And so is your site! Maybe you need some more pictures. Will return in the near future.