Monday, November 28, 2005


Carissa amazes me every day. Maybe it's because we spend all day together, but I am really seeing her shine. Her speech has progressed at an extraordinary rate this year, much in thanks to the Articulation class she has been attending. She has definite opinions of what she wants to wear, what she wants to do, what she wants to eat. She's talkative. She's funny. She's artistic. She's lovable and full of hugs and kisses. She has grown so tall, yet still seems so small. She's losing the baby face. She's reading small words. She's holding her own with her brothers. She's still my baby (and always will be), but she's growing up. She's shining all on her own and I am so proud.


Bonni said...

she is truly beautiful...look at that hair..getting so big!

Deanna Kroll said...

That is an awesome photo of Carissa Annette, can't wait to see it scrapped. ;)