Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tis the Season ...

So Carolyn made up this quiz to put on her blog and asked others to fill it out too. Here are my answers:

Do you celebrate Christmas? YES!!!

What are your favorite "holiday" colors? Silver & Blue

Favorite Christmas song? White Christmas

Favorite Christmas movie? Miracle on 34th Street (1995 version, not the old B&W)

Favorite Christmas cartoon? Charlie Brown Christmas and an old Disney cartoon called "Small One"

Real tree or artificial? REAL! And we cut it down today too!

Special family traditions? We have lots. We always cut down a real tree at the tree farm, watch all the Christmas cartoons, eat chocolate from our advent calendars each day, visit "Santaland" and ride the monorail at the huge deparment store downtown (which is closing after this year :( ... we visited today for the last time and I took this photo amongst their displays), make cookies for Santa, leave huge carrots (complete with the greens on top) for the reindeer then wake up and watch the Disney Christmas parade on Christmas morning.

Travel or stay home? Always stay at home. I put my foot down on that when we had kids. Family is all close enough to visit us on Christmas.

Does Santa wrap presents? No, he leaves them out each year with a big bow and an elf-made gift tag with their name.

Do you do an advent calendar? The kids each have a chocolate advent calendar to open each day in December

Do you send Christmas cards? Yes

Store bought or handmade? Sometimes one, sometimes the other. Depends how adventurous I get.

Christmasletter? No, I write personal notes to everyone.

Pictures? Yes! What kind of scrapbooker would I be if I didn't send photos!?!

What do you put in stockings? Small toys, toothbrushes and some candy

Typical holiday meal? Ham, potatoes, rolls, banana cream pie and homemade cheesecake

Are you done shopping yet? Nearly ... 3 more gifts left to get!

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Carolyn F said...

Sounds like Christmas is very special at your house -- thanks for sharing!