Friday, December 09, 2005

Good Morning

Yes, it's morning here. 9am. And did I mention it's FREEZING! 26 degrees outside. A bit chilly for me (OK, REALLY chilly this beach girl). It wouldn't be so bad if it would SNOW. I mean, c'mon... no snow at all last year, so you'd think mother nature would give us a break and dump some fluffy white stuff on us. After all, how is a scrapbooker supposed to use all those awesome snow products if you don't get snow?!?

Well, the school thing just isn't working out so well. Financial aid is so slow at both schools that I would have to pay for it out of my pocket and wait for financial aid to come in to pay me back. For goodness sakes, we are a one income family with 3 kids. I don't have $1000 or more just lying around. And the only one I could ask to borrow the money from is my Mom and I am just not going there. So school may have to wait until Spring term when financial aid will be ready for me. I was getting excited to start but I understand that they can't get financial aid done in time and I can't go to school until they do.

It's a no-school day here today. I know many who grumble when their kids are out of school, but for me it works so well. The kids all play so well together when they are home. But when the boys are at school and it's just Carissa she wants to constantly be with me. That's hard because right now I want to SCRAP!!!

Speaking of which, I just got my AWESOME kits from ScrapAddict. These are the January kits, which haven't been released yet. But let me just say that I LOVE them. One with blues and some awesome chipboard. One with browns and pinks and such (my favorite color scheme right now!) with lots of cool extras in it. That's all the hints I'm giving you. You're going to have to tune into ScrapAddict about the 20th to see what creations I come up with. :)

Heading to Picture People today for family photos. Keep your fingers crossed that we get some good ones. They usually do great work, but you never know. We haven't had professional family photos done in over 2 years. Guess it's about time. The worst thing is trying to figure out what everyone should wear. I have a pink & burgandy striped shirt for me, a burgandy shirt for Tristan, black for Carissa and black for Brian and Chase has ... NOTHING! Navy or gray are the only 2 shirt colors he has that don't have loud designs on them and that doesn't match what we're wearing very well. Will probably end up putting him in the gray and just going with it, as it's what we have. I may try to scan and post the photos later, especially so my little brother Jimmy and his wife Virginia can see them (miss you guys!). I'll share them when I do. :)

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