Saturday, December 24, 2005

Santa Watch

Wow, how technology has changed things. When he was a kid, Brian watched a Santa Watch on the local news station eagerly on Christmas Eve, but I never remember a Santa Watch. Now there is an entire website dedicated to Santa Watch, .
The first thing Chase asked when he woke up this morning was "Can I turn on the Santa Watch?" So we turned it on and watched the videos of where Santa had already been. And throughout the day the kids will watch the remainder of the videos - each hourly update, computer generated videos of where Santa is, how his travels are going and whether he is on schedule or not.
Santa Watch has become a Christmas Eve tradition with us, one that helps get the kids even more excited about Santa's impending arrival.


Adrienne " A little dramatic at times" said...

What a CUTE tradition!

Shannon said...

We usually do this too (of course we don't get to spend the whole day doing it because we aren't here, but the kids check it before going to bed). This year though I wonder if something wasn't working because it showed that Santa was in Venezuela and hadn't made it to the west coast at all yet at 11pm. My son didn't want to go to bed because of it!