Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Here I am, 3 days after Christmas and basking in the warmth of my favorite present - CLOTHES.

Yes, clothes. As a kid, I hated getting clothes for Christmas. But now I love it.

I've stayed at home with the kids for the last 9 years. What this means is that I put myself last. Always have. I don't even think about buying clothes for me. As a matter of fact, I don't even walk through the womens clothing deparment. I just head for the kids clothes when we need something. So the only time I get new clothes is from Christmas and birthday.

That's why I enjoy these clothes so much. It's the little things, like my new jeans and soft cotton shirts, that make me feel like a "girl" again and not so much like a frumpy Mom.


Carolyn F said...

Well let's see you in some pictures in those new clothes!

Chiara said...

You are so pretty and I can relate to clothes. Since Chiara started school I have been getting some for me.

Anita said...

Until I went back to work, I never bought myself anything, either. In fact, I used to wear DH's clothing! It is so hard to buy yourself anything when there are so many other needs where the money has to go and if you're like me...if you get a few extra dollars, it's going for scrap stuff! Love the pic

Bonni said...

Great picture girl

Linda said...

I browse the clearance racks...that's it! You're looking great Annette!!!