Saturday, January 28, 2006

4 weeks!

4 weeks from today we head to Disneyland! I've been busy getting ready as best I can - reading up on the park, making lists of stuff to pack, asking all my friends for their advice and experience at Disneyland.

We got the kids autograph books in the mail yesterday (I ordered some off of eBay). I bought a fanny pack and am looking for little kids ones so we will each carry our own.

Plans are all set up and we're ready to go (unless I can find a cheap flight for us to fly instead of drive ... I'm hoping I can find something) but I'm sure I'll obsess about it all until we actually leave.

Beyond that I am busy scrapbooking for HOF. Here are a couple of my "reject" LO's that won't be in my entry for one reason or another. (For those of you who like to read the journaling, click on the layout and you can see it larger.)


Carolyn F said...

If these are your "rejects" I can't wait to see the ones you use!!!

Linda said...

I heard that you can't use fanny packs this true? Better check! I can't see why, though...

Jill said...

Man, I dream of reject layouts so wonderful! They are so great!

Have fun at Disney