Sunday, January 08, 2006

School starts tomorrow ...

Yup, back to college I go. After a 12 year hiatus I am headed back to college. And I admit that I'm not exactly thrilled about it.

Originally I was looking forward to school, but now I'm not so sure. My reasons are purely selfish. It seems like I barely have enough time right now to keep up with housework, volunteering at school, driving kids to and from activities and planning scout meetings. I'm not even finding much time lately to do my one and only "me" activity: scrapbooking.

And I fear that heading to college will mean that I even have less time for everything. Couple that with Brian's rotating work schedule and the fact that he's also a full-time student. I fear that things could just collapse around us if we're not very careful.

Another fear about college is that it's all for naught. Once the kids head to school full-time (just shy of 2 years) I only plan on working part time. I want to be there for my kids, be home when they get home from school, be able to be involved in their activities. Will having an Associates really make much of a difference in the kind of job I get, based on what I'm looking for? I'm not so sure.

But in the end I will do it. I will get through this term and reevaluate based on how the term goes. Just keep your fingers crossed that somehow we will all get through this term.


Carolyn F said...

Good for you going back to school. I'll keep everything crossed that y'all manage that crazy schedule.

Anita said...

If anyone can handle it all, though, it's you. Just organize out the wazoo. I hope you manage to relax and enjoy yourself. :)