Monday, January 16, 2006

No news ...

So I've been boring lately, what can I say?!? Nothing new is going on here.

I've been busy working on school work. Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, though I opted to lower to 3/4 time. My Microsoft Word class is looking to be a breeze thus far. My business class isn't too bad - boring, but not difficult. And my telecourse (TV lecutres) looks not too hard either. Thank goodness!

I've also been working on planning Carissa's birthday party. My baby is turning 5! She chose a Barbie Magic of Pegasus birthday party. I have no idea what we're going to do as a craft, but we've ordered a cake and might play a game too.

I've been finding a bit of time to scrapbook lately, though I can't share my work yet as they're assignments for

Besides that, I'm just plugging along. Taking care of the kids normal things - school, scouts, wrestling, ballet, friends, etc.

To all my friends and family reading - take care!


Linda said...

Here's a craft idea: fun foam frames with pretty jewels. If you're a super-fun mom, you can get the girls together at the beginning of the party, take their picture, and print out one for each of them to put into their frames!

We did a very simple ping-pong game...tall cup (like iced tea glass) with 6 ping pong balls. Have the kids stand over the cup, put the balls to their noses and drop them into the cup...they bounce, so it's tough to keep them in, lol! The winner is the one with most in!

You'll have to share pictures of Carissa's party!

Catherine said...

It isn't boring, it's just LIFE!!

Anonymous said...

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