Friday, January 20, 2006

Up and down ...

It's been one of the up and down days today. Started when I got up this morning. Got up, got Carissa breakfast. I decided to plop down on the chair and check my email ... only I plopped down on Tristan's glasses and snapped them in 2! UGH!!!

Thankfully Carissa is much better today. She finally started eating again and went to school. We're all so glad she's feeling beter.

Brian and I head into town today to get Tristan's glasses fixed ... but they can't fix them. Apparently they are some super metal and they "aren't supposed to break". Lovely. Guess they didn't test them with the weight of my ass on them. Then the lovely glasses man says "Oh, by the way, the warranty on these glasses was up last month and your new benefits don't kick in until November". Grrrrr. So Brian and I have to buy whole new frames for Tristan out of our pocket.

We take them to Tristan at school, as he can't see to read or write well without them. Problem solved ($120 later, but still solved).

Come home for a bit then Brian heads into town for a meeting ... and gets caught by the red light camera passing on an orange. DOH. Not really looking forward to seeing a ticket on our records, which have been clean for the last 10 years.

Brian and the boys head to the Zoo for ZooSnooze tonight, so I'm stuck with Brian's car. It's a classic and beautiful and all the junk but I detest the thing. I mean, it doesn't have power brakes and it freaks me out to drive it. I have nightmares of being in it and not being able to stop in time. But I drive it anyways because Brian has the van and Carissa and I are on the hunt for the perfect craft for her birthday party.

We get into a nearby town, go to the scrapbook store then head to the craft store, which decided to close early for the day. :( So I head towards the dollar store thinking that maybe we can come up with something there ... only halfway there I realize that the lights aren't working on the car. Flip them on, flip them off, flip them on, flip them off. Nothing. So I stop at the gas station and play with them. Car on, car off, lights on, lights off. NOTHING.

I go to the pay phone and call the only local friend whose number I have memorized. My dear Mommy friend Nicole answers, though she's 45 minutes away. Darn. But she has a sister who lives nearby and should be home. She says she'll call the pay phone back after she talks to her sister. Only I get no call back. Then I realize that she probably can't call back on the payphone. Reach into my purse and have 45cents. Nothing else. I gave all my cash to Brian to take with him to the Zoo Snooze. All I had left was change and I already spent 50cents on the first call. I don't even have enough to call her back. So I go into the gas station store (which has no ATM) and beg the rude and unsympathetic lady behind the counter for use of her phone. I get ahold of Nicole who says her sister will be right over.

Dear sweet Stephanie, wonderful person that she is, comes to help a complete stranger with her car. She was going to follow me the 3/4 mile to Nicole's house, where I could safely park the car overnight and then she was going to drive me home. Only I get in the car, turn it on and VOILA, the lights work. STUPID CAR!!!

Thankfully I get back into town safely and decide to get a drive-thru vanilla steamer at the coffee shop. The thing was the WORST vanilla steamer I have ever had. I threw it away it was so bad. And I knew then that I shouldn't go anywhere for the rest of the day.

Needless to say I have quarantined myself (and Carissa) in the house for the rest of the evening. Hopefully tomorrow the road of life won't be quite so bumpy.

Oh, and did I mention that the Krispy Kreme *HOT* sign was on for the first time in months (when we drive by it's never on) and I TOTALLY blew my diet today. Grrr... I think I should just go to bed until tomorrow.


Corinnexxx said...

wow that day was of no good, hopefully today will be a much brighter one!


RedMolly said...

You poor thing! What a rotten day! Hope today is much better and you can end your quarantine...

Jennifer said...

I wouldn't beat yourself up over that Krispy Kreme - once in a while is ok, tomorrow is another day... You can do it!!!

Catherine said...

OK, so it sounds like this was the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day!

Carolyn F said...

I hate cars too -- glad you made it home safe!