Friday, January 13, 2006

Like a drowned rat ...

It's been raining here. And raining. And raining. It's rained for 27 days straight and it is WET. The park down the street from us has never had so much as a puddle in the 3 years we've been here, but now the entire park is under water. Water covers the bottom 1/4 of the slides and is just a few inches below the seats of the swings. It's amazing how the water has pooled up there.

And it pools up in other places too ... like our back porch. We have a huge back porch put in by the previous owner, who didn't think it was important to leave gaps between the boards when you installed a deck. Can you say IDIOT!?! The water pools up in the middle of the deck and now we have a personal pond out there.

Fast forward to this afternoon when Chase, Tristan and their friend Brenden were outside playing. They wanted to ride scooters, skateboards and roller skates but (SURPRISE!) it was raining. So they went out in the garage to play. Then they decided to venture out on the back porch and rode through the water. And rode through it again and again and again. When I went to check on them a few minutes later they were all SOAKED and shivering, looking like a pack of drowned rats. And they didn't just have little bits of water on them, they had wet pants (and underwear!), wet shirts, wet shoes and socks, wet coats and wet hair (apparently helmets make good water buckets?!?).

I really wanted to yell at them for getting so wet and cold. But after all, they're just kids having fun. Who can blame them?


Catherine said...

Holy cow, this is such a BOY thing to do! LOL!

Anonymous said...

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